Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Perfect Sissy Day

Sorry for the lapse in posting.  Things have been crazy with my work, and when you have 3  kids still at home there is very little time left once the day is over.  I promise to post more often, even if they are short posts :)

Some days just happen out of nowhere and they turn into perfect days. Last Thursday was one of those days, and it turned into a perfect sissy day.

My job can be quite demanding and stressful, and getting free time during the week almost never happens. But last Thursday morning I found myself in the unusual position of not having much on my agenda, so I texted my wife and said "Want to go shopping with Coco?".  She replied about 20 minutes later after she got out of her yoga class and said "Really? Yes! I'd love to!".  I texted her back and told her I'd be home in 30 minutes and that I couldn't wait. I told her I love spending the afternoon shopping with her, it's like two girlfriends hanging out, doing the things girls loves to do together. She replied back and said "I know! I love it too!" with an emoji of a smiley face, lipstick & heels. A big smile came across my face and I knew it was going to be a great day :)

I got home and she had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed, having just returned from the gym. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to wear shorts, so I quickly removed my trousers, shirt & socks so I could change. I was standing there wearing only a pair of lace pink panties, similar to the ones below.

I was deciding what to wear, when she gave me a whistle and rubbed her hand across my panty covered ass.  I blushed and leaned into her, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. She smiled somewhat deviously and started playing with my nipples a little. I couldn't help but moan and whimper softly.  She knows what it does to me when she plays with my nipples, and she's really started doing it more to tease and send me into immediate "sissy space".  But she only did it for a minute before saying, "Come on. We have some shopping to do!" So we headed to a new outdoor shopping mall that recently opened up in our area about 6 months ago.  It's got some great places to eat as well as wonderful shopping.

Neither of us had eaten, so we stopped by one of our favorite places and got a small table on the patio outside.  It was beautiful and my wife was looking extremely sexy.  She ordered 2 glasses of wine for us and then a small appetizer and a salad that we split.  I love it when she orders for us, and I knew whatever she ordered I'd be happy with.  So we spent about an hour enjoying our wine and light lunch, talking about what stores we were going to go to, as well as other small talk.  We were like two girlfriends out for an afternoon of food and shopping...and I was loving it!

We finished our second glass of wine and headed over to the shops.  She then said, "Hey, let's go to Bath & Body Works.  You're out of your body wash and I need some more of mine also".  Now, as most everyone knows, Bath & Body Works carries both women's and men's products.  But you don't think a sissy like me uses their male products, do you?? Of course not!  A few months back my wife helped me pick out the specific scent that Coco would be using regularly: Warm Vanilla Sugar.  So we headed into the store and went straight to the section where my products were.  I picked out a couple of my body wash & lotions, then we explored the others so she could decide what she wanted.  While browsing around, a cute young sales girl came by to ask if we needed help.  She made sure to mention where the men's products were, then my wife said, "Thanks, but he's already got what he was looking for".  I couldn't help but blush because the sales girl could clearly see the women's scents that were in my basket...hehe.

As we were approaching the checkout area my wife noticed the section that had the lip balms & lips gloss products.  She said, "Hey, let's look at the lip gloss!  How could I say "no"?? lol  So we browsed the lip glosses and admired all of the different colors and shades.  She asked me several times, loud enough where anyone around us could hear, "Which one do you like" and "I think this one would look good on you", or "Look, this one sparkles".  So we picked out 3 different ones, two for her and one for me.  Of course mine was a deep shade of pink with sparkles.  It's their Liplicious "Fruit Punch" and of course I LOVE IT! :)

So we left Bath & Body Works and she said, "Let's go to Macy's. Maybe we can find a top for you or something."  I told her, "Well, before we go buying tops I think I need some boobs first to fill them out!"  We both started laughing.  I told her I was serious, that a top isn't going to look good if I have a flat chest...I need some inserts to put inside whatever I'm wearing.  She agreed and told me to start looking for some for the future.

We went into Macy's and went straight to the Women's department.  We stopped and browsed at the shoe section.  She mentioned that maybe we'd find a pair for Coco, then she retracted her statement saying, "No. These aren't slutty enough and don't have a high enough heel for Coco". And she's right.  She loves having me wear very slutty looking heels with at least a 5 1/2" heel, preferably 6".  So we ventured on and went to the Intimate Apparel section.  Now I was definitely in sissy heaven :)  Then suddenly she remembered that we had talked about me getting some camisoles to wear under my shirts when I go to work.  We had discussed how we can further my sissy side in daily life, not just at home and when she was around.  Wearing a camisole seemed to be the perfect thing.  Something very feminine that I could wear under my shirts at work that no one could visibly see, yet I was aware of 100% just like my wearing panties 24/7.  So we browsed around, her stopping several times to hold one up in front of me and asking me what I thought.  I was thinking to myself, "Who is this woman...my wife??  She's so bold now and is really enjoying shopping with Coco and isn't worried about what anyone else around us thinks!"  A year or two ago I could never have imagined this!  What a lucky sissy I am!  Anyway, we finally found a style that was feminine, yet could still be concealed well enough under my shirts.  I got 3 of these to wear during the week.

By the time we got out of Macy's it was getting close to mid-afternoon and the kids would be getting out of school soon, so reluctantly we both decided it was best we started home.  As we were approaching the car she said, "Hey, I want to see how your lips look with your new lip gloss!"  So we stopped and she proceeded to apply it to my lips.  We weren't even to the car yet, completely in the open, and here she was applying lip gloss to me like a girlfriend might do with one of her friends.  She said "Wow, that looks great on you!" And sure enough, she took out her compact and showed me...it really did look great :)  Then she told me, "And you'd better leave it on the rest of the day!"  Of course, was I going to argue with that? No!  hehe

So we continued on to the car to head home, our short shopping trip complete.  I was kind of disappointed it didn't last longer, because honestly it was so much fun!  As we walked to the car I couldn't help but feel like we were like two very special girlfriends, the kind that know each other so very well and can share every little thing together.  The type that you can have the time of your life with.  It was most definitely a Perfect Sissy Day :)