Monday, June 1, 2015


This morning I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. Apparently my wife was already awake too because as soon as she saw I was awake she reached over and ran her hand across my ass. I was wearing a pair of my thong panties, so she took one of her fingers, slipped it under the material running down the crack of my ass, then pulled it a bit and then released it so it kind of "snapped" back into place. She then giggled and once again rubbed my ass. I leaned into her, still kind of sleepy but already turned on. I reached over and rubbed her panty-covered ass...something I love to do. I LOVE my wife's ass, it's so smooth and round, even if she is very petite.

She then started to really tease me, playing with my nipples, rubbing them, flicking them with her finger tips and lightly pinching them. She knows this instantly sends me into "sissy sub space" and she really gets off on how I moan and squirm like a horny slut. Then while one of her hands continued to play with my nipples, she reached down with her other hand and began rubbing my sissy clit through the shear fabric in the front of my panties. My clit was soft and very snugly pressed against the inside of my panty. You could easily mistake it for a woman's mound it was so small...hehe. But it did get hard very quickly and soon was at its full length of 5 inches hard. By this time I was super horny and moaning & squirming as my wife continued alternating between my nipples and my hardened sissy clit. She had probably only been teasing me for 2-3 minutes when I felt my orgasm building. Yes, I don't last is why she really deserves to find a man who can give her not only a bigger cock to satisfy her, but can last a long time. But that's a subject for another post.

My wife has really gotten into teasing me over the past 6 months or so. She gets a sadistic type of satisfaction knowing she can make me react the way I do and lose complete control. She also knows that the last thing I want to do is cum, because as we all know that high intensity desire goes away once we cum...well at least it does for sissies like me. So I always let her know if I'm about to cum, then I'll turn my body away so she's no longer in contact with my sissy clit. Then as the orgasm subsides after a few seconds, she'll start teasing me again. She will take me to the edge like this several times until she says "that's enough" or we run out of time. But this morning I was so turned on, and even though it had only been 2-3 minutes of teasing, I told her I was about to cum and turned my body away...but it didn't help. All of a sudden my sissy clit started dribbling cum, making a mess in the front of my slutty panties.  Oops!!

She suddenly realized something had happened and said "Did you cum??!" I blushed deeply, nodded and softly replied "Yes."  She started giggling at me as I continued to blush. I told her it was a ruined orgasm, which anyone who has experienced one get no sexual release or satisfaction from. When I her it was a ruined orgasm a smug smile came across her face because she realized that I got no real satisfaction from the orgasm. It's obvious she was happy about it. I blushed even harder as I got up out of bed, my messy panties still on, and went to the bathroom to clean up.

After I cleaned up I walked back to the bed where she was still laying down. I was still blushing and she was smiling. I laid down with her and we kissed tenderly. Then she said, "Maybe you should order that other chastity device you were telling me about...the pink one". I was really surprised to hear her say this. We had tried chastity in the past, first with a metal device which we both hated. It was way to heavy and bulky. Then we tried the CB6000S for a little while, but it caused a lot of chaffing and irritation. And at the time, my wife felt that chastity devices were too "inconvenient". They hindered her having access to my sissy clit anytime she wanted, whether it was to tease me by rubbing me through my pants or panties, or if she wanted to tease me in a more intense way. Then I told her about one I had ready about that was supposed to be much more comfortable and lighter, plus I could get it in my favorite color..PINK! It's the Birdlocked Chastisty Device, shown in the picture below.  I've read good things about it and it's looks a lot more comfortable and lighter in weight.

When she told me I should go ahead an order it I replied "Really? Are you sure?".  Then she replied, "Yeah, why not? Anyway we need to make sure you don't make anymore messes in your panties" and then giggled.  I blushed again, knowing she was completely right.

So it looks like in the near future I'll be locked up again, hopefully 24/7 and long-term. I'll be a very happy sissy knowing she's in total control of my sissy clit and my orgasms.  Plus, I think it will be a great addition to my daily sissy wear :)


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    1. Thank you The Explorer :) This has happened MANY more times since this post, leading to my lasting less than 20-30 seconds before my little clit cums. And I'm wearing the Holy Trainer chastity device :)

      Are you a sissy? Or an admirer?

    2. It's always nice to meet female admirers :)