Wednesday, June 3, 2015


For the second time in as many days, I woke up at the same time as my wife and she decided she wanted to tease me.  At first, we were just laying on our sides, face to face, me running my hands along her hips down to her thigh area, occasionally running my hand up to her upper body. She was enjoying it alot.  Then she started stroking my head, grabbing my hair a bit, then running her hand over my back, then down to my panty covered butt. She lingered there, rubbing me through my panties, trying to see if she could determine what panties I was wearing by rubbing me there. Below are the pair of Frederick's panties I was wearing, but in a really cute pink.

My hand brushed against the side of her breast through the t-shirt she was wearing, then I slowly ran my finger across her nipple. She giggled and then quickly covered her breast with her arm, not allowing me any further access. Then she quickly took one of her hands and gently pinched one of my nipples. I instantly moaned, and a second later she had both of my nipples in her grasp. 

As I've mentioned before, my nipples are my major weakness.  I LOVE any kind of stimulation to them, even playing with them myself sometimes, and Miss F (my wife) knows I'm basically helpless if she starts playing with them.  As she continued to play with them, flicking, lightly pinching, and twisting them, I moaned even harder. She'd occasionally take her other hand and rub my ass, or rub my hard little sissy clit through the front of my panties, then she'd go right back to working on my nipples.  She was working me into a total sissy frenzy.

It doesn't take me long to get close to cumming when she plays with my nipples, it is most definitely my most erogenous zone as a sissy. Well truthfully, it doesn't take long for me to cum no matter But playing with my nipples gets me there even faster.  Miss F is getting really good and anticipating when I'm about to cum, and this morning she abruptly stopped teasing me at exactly the right time. I really thought I was going to have another ruined orgasm, but none of my sissy cum leaked out this time.  I leaned into her and nuzzled her soft neck and chest while she stroked my hair. What an amazing feeling.  Then she said, "Time to get up" and that was it.  So I headed into the bathroom to start getting ready, wiggling my curvy sissy ass in my pink panties as I walked.  She giggled again :)

As I was taking my shower and soaping myself with my body wash, I couldn't help but linger when I reached my nipples. It's one of my most favorite things to do in the shower, besides shaving.  Of course I don't linger long for fear I may get too carried away and cum, but I do spend a minute or two enjoying the sensation.

While in the shower I started to think about how much our intimacy has changed since she's fully accepted and encouraged my sissy side.  We never make love like a man and woman anymore, it's much gentler and more loving & intimate. Like two sexy girls exploring each other's body and wanting to pleasure each other. Although she seems more intent lately to get me worked up and tease me...and deny me, which is totally fine with me :)  But the dynamics of our intimacy has definitely changed noticeably, which makes me wonder; What will our lovemaking be like in the future?  Will is be like this?

Or will it be like this?

Or maybe like this?

I'm somewhat worried that with the gentleness and feminine nature of our lovemaking, she is missing getting fucked really good and know...the kind of fucking that a REAL man can give...the kind that a sissy just can't provide.

Which made me wonder...maybe it may be like this too in the future??

I'd love it to be ALL of these to be honest, although it is like a few of those already. But no matter how our intimacy develops I'll love her more than anything and always be in awe of her beauty and allowing me to be her Coco :)

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