Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Coming!

It's coming!  But I'm not "cumming".

I'm referring to my Holy-trainer chastity device.  I ordered it from the manufacturer in Switzerland yesterday and I should be receiving it tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

I'm very excited to get it and to be locked up again, as is my wife, Miss F.  We explored chastity before with 2 other devices, but it just didn't work out because either 1) the device was too uncomfortable for long-term wearing, or 2) they were too much of a pain to deal with.  Although Miss F likes the idea of keeping my sissy clit locked up, she likes to be able to access it somewhat easily should she decide she wants to tease it or play with it.  From all of the reviews I've read the HolyTrainer is one of the most comfortable devices out there, and it's very compact and fairly easy to put on and remove.  So it looks like this may be the start of me being locked up nearly 24/7 :)

The other thing we recently started was a calendar that keeps track of Miss F's orgasms, as well as mine. "Lack of" would be a better description for me, as I haven't had an orgasm since June 10...a month ago! Now that wasn't necessarily planned for the first couple of weeks because we were extremely busy traveling and just had a really hectic schedule. But the last 2 weeks has been more intentional on Miss F's part.  She's really beginning to understand the benefits of controlling & denying my orgasms, as well as tease & denial.  She sees how eager and extremely submissive I am when I haven't cum, so she's really starting to get into it.

We got the calendar idea from one of my favorite blogs Becoming A Mistress at 
Mistress Ivey has a great blog with tons of very good information, tips & ideas. I directed Miss F there for her to learn more and to get some ideas, especially regarding rewards & punishments.

Speaking of rewards, recently I've taken on alot more of the household chores...the typical "housewife" duties some might say.  I really enjoy, afterall if I could be a full-time sissy maid I'd do it in a heartbeat.  But Miss F was so happy with my maid duties the past few days that she gave me a little reward last night.  I got to spend a very lengthy time worshiping between her legs :)  I gave her at least 6 orgasms, but she said she may have had more...she lost count...hehe.  To me that's the best reward a sissy like me can get.  And it's a double win for her; her sissy maid did a great job around the house AND she got orally serviced to her heart's content.

So right now the calendar shows 1 entry with 6 orgasms for Miss F and 0...NONE...for Coco. And you know what...that's just fine with me :)

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