Friday, November 6, 2015

Sissy Time?

I'm an early riser.  Always have been, always will be I'm sure.  Because of this I also start my work day earlier than most.  I'm usually in the office by 7:00 a.m. every morning.  I guess you could say I'm somewhat "anal" with regards to time and schedules.  Oh, and yes I am "anal" in that way too...i love it :)

For years I always knew that 6:00 was the time that I was out of the shower and heading to get dressed, then I'd head downstairs to gather my things to be out the door by 6:20.  But over the past year or so I've noticed that I'm not done with my shower and headed to get dressed until 6:15 or sometimes 6:20.  It's gradually taken me longer and longer to get ready.  I finally realized why this morning...Sissy Time!

I started becoming a sissy in our marriage about 4 years ago.  In the beginning and first couple of years it was merely wearing panties and things like that.  But the more my wonderful wife Miss F got into it and the more my place as a sissy in our marriage became accepted...even expected...the more feminine I started becoming.  Now my morning routine is almost the same as most women, with the exception of putting on makeup.  Who knows, maybe one day that will become part of my morning routine as well ;)

So I started thinking about what my morning routine consists of now...things I never did before I was openly a sissy in our marriage.

After getting up from bed I sit down to go pee, just like a true sissy should.  Sissies don't stand up to pee like REAL men!  Then, I wipe my sissy clit, just like a woman wipes herself.  Then I brush my teeth.  So far this doesn't really add any additional time to my old routine.

Next, I hop in the shower.  Now this is where the time starts to add up.  I used to get in the shower, quickly wash my hair, take a bar of soap and quickly wash my body, rinse, then get out.  Not anymore!

First, I shampoo my hair.  But instead of doing it quickly like before I take a little longer and enjoy the sensations of my fingers massaging my scalp and the warm water flowing over my body.
Next, no more bar soap.  I get my body scrubber prepped with my favorite Vanilla body wash.

Then I slowly wash my body, enjoying the scent of the body wash and the wonderful sensation of the body wash being applied to every part of my body.  Of course I do sometimes linger to play with my very sensitive nipples at times...well more than "sometimes" hehe

Once I am rinsed off completely, then begins the additional step to my morning routine that adds the most time...shaving.  A couple of years ago when Miss F started encouraging me to shave I just started with my chest.  A would shave it 2-3 times a week, which seemed to be sufficient.  Well gradually over the past couple of years my shaving has progressed from my chest, to my pubic area (cute feminine landing strip), to my thighs and but, then to my entire legs.  So basically I now shave my entire body, neck down, regularly throughout the week.
When I first started I sometimes thought it was a pain, but gradually over time I learned to relax and enjoy it.  Now it's my second favorite thing to do in the shower, after applying my body wash.  I know what you were thinking was my favorite thing to NO, this sissy doesn't play with her sissy clit in the shower...not like real men play with their cocks or masturbate in the shower.  The most I do is play with my sissy nipples, unless of course Miss F is in the shower with me and she decides she wants to tease and play with my little sissy clit :)
 After showering I step out of the shower and dry off.  Before, I used to dry off really quickly being very rough and careless.  Not anymore!  After enjoying the wonderful body wash and making my skin so soft and feminine from the wash & shaving, I like to take my time to dry off.
Then finally, it's time to nourish my freshly showered, shaved, feminine body parts with some very feminine scented lotion!  Another of my favorites added to my morning routine as a sissy.

 And finally it's time to head back to the room to get dressed, which now also is much different than before.  I have to pick out what panties I'm going to wear for the day, and that's not an easy task when you have at least 30 pair of panties!  But I love sorting through them every morning to decide.  It really reminds me of how feminine I've become and how much of a sissy I am now.  Once I've decided on my panty for the day it's time to choose a bra or cami to go with it.

When I think about it, all of these things seem like they should take up more than just an additional 15-20 minutes to my morning routine!  But like I said, I'm pretty anal about time and getting to work at a certain time.  But that's something totally different.  No need to rush, so I really get to enjoy all that extra Sissy Time!


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