Thursday, December 3, 2015

They're Getting Bigger!

"They're getting bigger!" said Miss F to me this morning.

"Really?  You think so?" I replied.

"Yes, I can tell", she said.

That was this morning after I had gotten out of the shower and had finished putting my Wild Madagascar Vanilla body lotion all over my freshly shaven body.  She was still laying in bed, having just woken up, and I walked over to her and leaned over the bed to give her a good morning kiss.  Apparently as I leaned over she noticed my sissy boobies were hanging down quite nicely in the cami that I just put on.

 She reached out with one of her hands and started squeezing one of them and it dawned on me just how much they were actually hanging down.  She had her filled with one of my boobs.  She then took her other hand and held both of them in her hands, giggling while she gently groped and played with them, and said "See!"  I couldn't help but blush as I acknowledged that they definitely did seem to be bigger.

I'm not sure what to attribute to this.  Not that it bothers all!  I love having nice size sissy boobs.  Afterall, my nipples are so sensitive and are almost my primary source for sexual pleasure now, so having bigger boobs is perfect.  But it does seem that in the past few months my boobs have grown, and Miss F has definitely noticed it. She gropes and plays with the all the time now, and makes comments about how they fill out my bras whenever she sees me in one.

At first I thought that maybe I had put on a little weight, but discounted that after remembering how my pants have been much looser on me recently and several people have commented on my losing weight.  Maybe it's my diet?  I know I've been eating more Soy recently and they say that it can increase estrogen levels, even in men.  Or perhaps it's from the time and enjoyment I get out of applying lotion to that area after my baths/showers...or when playing with them...hehe.  I've read where increased massaging in the breast area can stimulate growth.

Oh well, whatever the reason...I love it!  They make me feel even more feminine, and Miss F certainly seems to enjoy them gets a kick out of playing with them & teasing me :)

Who am I kidding?  Deep inside I wish they would grow to something like this!  Now that would be a sissy's dream come true!