Monday, May 16, 2016

She Is Amazing!

In my post from earlier, I related the events that took place by text last Thursday between Miss F and myself.  I couldn't help but wonder how things would be when we both got home from work and were immediately immersed in the mild chaos of our home life with our three beautiful daughters.

As soon as we both got home Miss F reminded me that our eldest had a piano lessen in 30 minutes and that She would be leaving in a few minutes to take her.  She then said, "Why don't you come with us?".  I questioned Her as to "why" and she said "Just come with us." so I did. As soon as we dropped off our daughter at her lesson Miss F said, "Come on. We're going to get a pedicure!".  I was totally caught by surprise.  I've never had a pedicure!  I know what some of you are thinking out there, "What?? You're a sissy and you've never had a pedicure?!".  Well it's true.  In my journey as Coco there are certain things that I just don't push because, as I mentioned in my previous post, Coco is still growing into our relationship, and I know it's best to move at Miss F's pace. We've talked about me getting a pedicure in the past, but it hadn't happened yet. Until today.

I asked Her, "Are you sure?".  She said "Yes. Why? Don't you want one?" with a sly smile on Her face. She knew the answer to that!  So off we went to the nail salon.

It was a wonderful experience.  We went to the place She usually goes to, which has all Vietnamese people working there.  She introduced me to her manicurist named Minh, and to her helper, and the pedicures commenced.  I loved it!  It was like we were girlfriends having pedicures together.  We were talking, laughing and smiling the whole time.  She instructed my manicurist to give me a clear polish when the time came, which I was fine with.  Don't get me wrong, I would have loved something is a nice sissy pink or red, but that day will come...I'm sure.

After mine were done Miss F told me to go pick up our daughter and drop her off at her friend's house, because She was also having a manicure done.  So off I went, and returned about 25 minutes later.  She was not quite done, so I went ahead and paid and sat and waited for Her in the waiting are.
About 10 minutes later She met me in the waiting area with Her manicurist accompanying Her.  I thanked them for a wonderful experience and her manicurist said "So, I'll see you both in 2 weeks. Right?" Miss F replied, "Oh yes. We can't let his feet get in that condition anymore!" and laughed. Then the manicurist said something to me that surprised me. She said "Okay. You cook dinner tonight. We can't have your wife's nails ruined from making dinner. Okay?" I was about to reply and say "Yes" but Miss F quickly interjected, "Oh, you don't have to worry about that Minh! Like I told you, he does all of that anyway. He likes being my maid!".  I was speechless.  Minh giggled along with my wife while I blushed and smiled, trying to play it off.  Then off we went...home...where my maid duties awaited.
She is amazing!  :)

Revelations and Realizations

As my last post mentioned I was going through a bit of a "rough patch" with Miss F and "Coco" was being affected by it the most.  This isn't the first time it has happened, and I'm not sure it will be the last, but like all relationships there are ups and downs and you just have to work through them.

I knew Miss F was feeling bad about how things were affecting me.  I wasn't trying to make Her feel badThat was the last thing I wanted.  But Coco has been a part of our relationship for several years now and She has come to realize that my being is Coco is not just some kind of "fetish" or activity that I like to only partake in occasionally.  She has come to realize it is much more than that, which I think is part of why we go through these little rough patches once or twice a year.  Remember, for the first 15 years of our marriage things were very "vanilla" for lack of a better term. There was very light kinky play in the bedroom once in a blue moon, but nothing more than that.  When Coco was born into our marriage Miss F had no idea how much Coco was going to be a part of "us".  It's been a very challenging thing for Her, to not only accept, but there's been a lot of learning as well.  She still doesn't quite understand how my sexual desires have changed now that I'm much more "fem", but She's trying and is beginning to grasp things better.

But last Thursday, while we were both at work and sending some texts back and forth, it was evident that She wanted Coco back.  The first thing was a text She sent saying, "Just be Coco. I know it's who you are. I understand". That hit me like a a good way though.  This was the first time She ever acknowledged how much Coco really is a part of me, and She said it in a very encouraging and loving context.  But at the same time it really made me realize how much I "am" Coco and that I can't imagine her not existing in my me.  It was a profound moment in our relationship, but very positive.

The second thing that happened also occurred while we were texting.  I asked Miss F, "What do you like most about me being Coco?".  She answered, "I love how Coco treats me like a Queen and is so eager to do anything to make me happy".  I replied back, "I don't do that when I'm not Coco?".  She said "Yes, you do. But it's not the same. Coco really makes me feel like a Queen and I love it".

This was another monumental moment in our relationship.  Miss F knows I love being submissive to Her, but as Coco I am even more submissive.  It's because the fem side of me does view Her more as a Queen.  I have the utmost respect for Her from a "feminine" side, and as I become more feminine that respect and admiration grown more and more.  But when She outwardly told me this it was the first time ever that She admitted that She loves being in the Dominant role.  I think it's taken Her this long to "accept" it within Herself that it's OK to be the Dominant one in our relationship.  Needless to say, our exchange left me on cloud nine for the remainder of the day...and I'm still there now :)


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Picture Says It All

I think the below picture just about says it all...

From this...
To This  :(

I'm sorry for not posting.  Things are not going so well unfortunately.  This "rough patch" that I'm going through as Coco seems to have hit even more unstable terrain.

Suffice to say that Miss F seems to want to blame "Coco" for other issues within our relationship, so that part of me has been put into hibernation...AGAIN...for an undetermined length of time.  "Coco" will always be a part of me...more than I every realized before...but Miss F and our marriage is what is most important right now.  I love her dearly and she is my best friend in the whole world.  For now, at least, I must do what I have to do...even if it means sacrificing my needs as Coco for a while.

I'm around, and I'll definitely be back.  And I'll post again soon.  I am one of those that writes from my heart and I think it's good for other sissies, and hopefully others in similar situations/relationships, to see what some of us go through.'s not east.  But then again, does anything that's really important & valuable in life come easy?  :)

Wishing you all well.

*Hugs & Kisses*


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Putting on my big girl panties!

The saying goes, "Put on your big boy pants", but for a sissy like me it's more appropriate to say "Put on your big girl panties"!

Yes, I've been a bit down recently, but it's time to get over it and be happy & proud of the sissy I am...and will continue to be.  I'm just going through some life changes within my marriage, which has really altered things at home with me and Miss F.  It's nothing bad.  It's actually something good for us.  But it's definitely altered our scheduled and normal routines, which in turn has put a damper on my "Coco Time" and being able to share it with my lovely Miss F.  But I know things are going to get back on track soon.

So....I'm going to put on my big girl panties...and be the best sissy I can be!

And a special note to Sissy Claudia: Thank you so much for you sweet & kind email. It really lifted my spirits.  You're a very special sissy and I'm so glad I've met you.  So, just because you asked, I posted a pic of myself...just for you :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Just...sad :(

Just feeling really sad lately.  Everything seems all out of sorts and Coco may as well not even exist.  So tired of always TRYING and nothing seems to get better.  I ask myself "What's the point anymore??"  :(


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just Like a Sissy

My alarm went off this morning and I was not ready to get up.  I managed to climb out of bed and made it to the bathroom to sit down for my morning pee.  Of course sissies sit down to pee! Don't you know that?!

I made my way out of the bathroom and looked back toward the bed where my wife was still laying there. She patted the bed next to her indicating that she wanted me to crawl back into bed with her. I couldn't resist. So I slid back into bed with her, snuggling up to her and caressing her beautiful smooth body, making sure to focus alot of attention on her lovely ass which she loves :)

Next think I know she is playing with my nipples. She knows this is my weakness.  I continued to rub her ass, but was losing focus because of the attention she was giving my nipples and sissy tits.  She kept working them, while sometimes reaching around and groping my panty-covered ass.  After a few minutes she decided she was going to give my hardened sissy clit some teasing as well.  Once she located my little hardened clit through my panties she started rubbing it through my panties, as if rubbing a woman's clit through panties.

She was still playing with my nipples with one hand, and had only started rubbing my sissy clit for a few seconds when I realized I was going to cum if she rubbed it anymore.  Although not currently in chastity, I haven't cum in over a month, so I am one very horny sissy.

I moaned and tried to pull away from her, letting her know that I was on the verge of cumming.  She stopped playing with my clit briefly, but then she reached down and started rubbing it again.  I don't think it's difficult to figure out what happened next.

Suddenly my sissy clit was releasing a steady stream of cum in my panties. It was so spontaneous and uncontrollable.  She instantly removed her hand basically causing a ruined orgasm, while I moaned like a naughty slut.

I couldn't believe how quickly it happened, and realized just how much more of a sissy than I ever was in the past. I can't last more than a couple of seconds before spurting my sissy cum into my panties.  I couldn't control it if I wanted.  I never did last too long when we'd have intercourse in the past, maybe 2-3 minutes at the most. But now I can't last more than a few seconds. And intercourse?  What's that??  Our sex now is more like 2 women in bed together.  I can count on one hand how many times we've had intercourse in the past year. Anyway, how much pleasure would she get out of my little sissy clit sliding inside of her for 2-3 seconds before cumming and deflating to the size of a tiny mushroom? hehe  Now it's easier to see why she doesn't look for intercourse from me :P

After I came, she just giggled...knowing full well what her sissy husband had done.  She then said, "I think it's time for your shower".  I turned red and was humiliated. This was really a new level to my sissy status and further proof of my sexual shortcomings as a man. But I'm not a "man"...I'm a sissy.  And as I lay there for a few more seconds and she kissed me, it just reemphasized that she loves me all the same.  She's amazing :)